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Benefits of this kit you will learn following things which are help you to explore your


1. Arduino (3 in 1) learning kit.

Arduino 3 in 1 learning kit helps you to learn Arduino from Basic to Advance in 3


2. Arduino - Basics

Start with basic of Arduino, with the help of tutorial available on our website.

Meet other buyers who bought this kit and discuss you project.

3. Arduino - Intermediate

After completing the basic of the Arduino you can go to another level like using LCD

16X2, servo motor, relay etc in intermediate level.

4. Arduino - Advance- Robotics

After getting expert in using the Arduino you can start programming the robotics

part of the kit using our video tutorials.

5. Nodemcu included in the kit to start with IoT

We know once you are done with learning Arduino next step is IoT and for that what

is better than the NODEMCU -ESP8266 board (breadboard mountable).

6. Arduino Motor Shield

Robo India has designed a customized motor shield for this kit, for fast learning and

easy to use.

7. Battery holder with DC jack

Powerful 6xAA battery holder with DC jack.

8. 3 types of robot can be made using this kit.

1. Line Follower Robot using IR sensors.

2. Obstacle avoiding robot using Ultrasonic sensor and Tower Pro Servo 9g.

3. Bluetooth controlled robot using the HC-05 Bluetooth module and App

developed in MIT app inventor.