Getting start with PCB designing
  1. PCB or printed circuit board designing is essential skill in this trend of technologies. We all know computers have changed life of not only human but also other species.
  1. Every computers is printed on a PCB board or we can say printed circuit board is brain of computers. Every single bit in computer is dependent on hardwares of computers.
  2. Everyday new Microcontrollers are created to make life more easy and secure. So create any circuits of computers, sensors and other modules we should know PCB designing. PCB designing skills is increasing day by day. Because industries are going to become digital and they want to invest in digital market. S
  1. it's very important for Innovative thinkers engineers to have skill of PCB designing. Here I gave a small introduction to getting start in PCB designing. I told best ways to design any circuits in easy manner.
  1. In this tutorial I told about softwares that I used to design circuits and PCB. And soon I'll come with another tutorial in this series. So watch video and comment your suggestions and queries. Thanks

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